Gilding the Lily…

This week all that glitters is not only gold―but silver, copper, and platinum too! Admittedly, I am unapologetically girlie and glam. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved twirling in dresses. I am also attracted to things that sparkle and shine. Maybe this fascination was a seed firmly planted with tales of princesses and fairy dust. Or perhaps it was the clicking of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers? Metallics make a brilliant (pun intended) neutral, but because of their potency they should be incorporated judiciously―especially for daytime.

I typically choose one metallic element as my foundation and build the rest of my ensemble around it. As a winter, I am drawn to cooler metals, such as silver and platinum, but gold and copper accents pair beautifully with the vibrant hues and whimsical prints prevalent during sunbathing season. Because I prefer more classic silhouettes, I avoid anything flashy or overtly provocative, i.e. lurex or metallic spandex read a little too 70’s costumey for my taste.

Keeping metallics sophisticated is key. This is one trend where a little goes a very, very long way. Incorporating metallic elements will heighten the glamour factor of any outfit. And with varying degrees, this can be achieved both subtly with “accessory armor” including layered necklaces, stacked bracelets, silver slingbacks, or a mirrored belt and dramatically with statement-making separates such as a gold skirt, a silver top, or a mixed metallic jacket.

Metallics are inarguably sartorial serotonin; I think because when we reflect on special occasions, events, and milestones over the course of our lives, they are underscored with a hint of shine. But beyond the association to a silver or gold anniversary, this trend has a sense of regalia that harkens back to the history of jewelry which spans countless millennia. We see this effect in classical literature as well, to reference the often misquoted Shakespearean line, “gilding the lily,” which demonstrated that even when someone wanted to embellish or improve upon something, however unnecessarily, gold was the element of choice!

And like any trend, gilded accents can be integrated to suit the wearer’s comfort level. What I enjoy most about the peek-a-boo effect of an elegant silver stiletto; the cinch of a gold belt; or the pairing of a gold pleated skirt with counterintuitive pleats and a white t-shirt, is that each concept elevates the most classic staples. It’s the perfect way to channel your inner goodess-glow, without having to modify your most flattering silhouette or abandon your preferred palette. Best of all, this can be attained at most any price point from flea market brooches to Chanel jackets. So the next time you want to amplify your glam-quotient without rebuilding your entire wardrobe, reach for a hint of sparkle…



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