Skirting the Issue…

The other day, I was on the elevator and one of my coworkers called me, “SJP,” she was of course referring to Sarah Jessica Parker and her portrayal of the iconic character, Carrie Bradshaw. For six years, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sex and the City costume designer, Pat Field created some of television’s most memorable fashion moments. While, I was incredibly flattered by this compliment, I replied, “Actually, it’s lcm.” I understand the comparison, we’re both petite; we live in high heels; we’re writers; and we have complicated relationships… Similarities aside, my individual style sensibility isn’t something I want to have defined by or limited to a caricature or a character—no matter how fabulous!

As you may have learned from previous posts, I live in dresses. I prefer a classically feminine silhouette that is either fitted through the body or at least through the torso, only to flare out at the hips; but sometimes, I like to “mix it up” with separates. This week, I find myself reaching for skirts: pencil, box pleated, appliquéd, lace, and patterned. I’ve sort of turned my uniform on its head as we will soon bid adieu to April. Bring on those May flowers, please!

And while, I’m opening the week with a vintage YSL Rive Gauche pencil skirt suit; before shifting to an appliquéd Gianfranco Ferre leather skirt that I will pair with a simple black top and jacket; an amazing mixed animal print Laurel skirt topped off with a denim button-down; a gold Krizia pleated skirt with counterintuitive pleats will be joined by an assuming white t-shirt; and for the pièce de résistance, I’ll conclude the work week in a bodysuit with not one, but two voluminous floral print skirts from Forever 21. As a simple, yet effective styling trick, I’ll add some extra drama to the latter by doubling it with the same style in a larger size.

Often it’s my shoes or jackets that get all the attention, but this week, my statement-making skirts are stealing the sartorial show. Although dresses offer a clean, unbroken hourglass outline, skirts allows me to experiment with textures, color, prints, and volume, without committing to a head-to-toe look. I love mixing high and low;  feminine with edgy; designer and fast fashion; and luxurious with utilitarian—wearing separates creates more opportunities to elevate the aforementioned basics: a t-shirt, a bodysuit, and a denim button-down with a vintage, designer, or vintage designer skirt! I love building ensembles; they’re like fashion recipes: part classic (in shape), part unconventional or at least unexpected (with texture and print); and always unapologetically feminine!


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